First Lady Florence Day

First Lady Florence Day

First Lady Florence Day has a gentle heart and a passion for the Love of Christ and Brown Street.  She is orginially from Omaha Nebraska and had a very successful career as a Post Master for the US Postal Service.  She met and married Pastor Wilbur Day on March 25, 1995 and together they have a blended family of 2 sons, 3 daughters, and 6 grandchildren.  

First Lady Day also leads the womens ministries at Brown Street COGIC, and has a passion for leading women to Christ while helping and mentoring them in their Spiritual journey.  Life hasn't always been easy for First Lady Day, but she can share through her own experiences that as long as you have Jesus walking by your side, then you can and will be victorious.

She also has a tender heart for the Children of Brown Street.  When you visit you will often see them running up to her and hugging her with delight.  She makes every child feel special and loved.  She believes in speaking "Life" to the children, encouraging them with words like, "You Can Do It!"  "I Believe In You", and "Jesus Loves You!"  As a mother and grandmother herself, she desires to mentor and walk beside these children as they learn, grow, and become a disciple of Christ.
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Sunday:    9am Opening Prayer
                  9:30  Sunday School
                  11:00 am Worship Service

Tuesday:  Noon Prayer
                  6:30 pm Prayer & Bible Study

Thursday: 6:30 pm   Bi-Weekly
                  Systematic Bible Study
       (Studying 1 John thru 3rd John & Jude)

1st Friday of Each Month: 9am to 9pm 
                 12 Hour Consecrated Prayer                       Service & Fasting
  (Members asked to fast 9am to 3pm)
1701 E. Brown Street, Springfield, Illinois 62703 
(217) 753-2030