What to Expect

Join Us This Sunday at 11 a.m.

People attending Brown Street COGIC come from all different backgrounds and cultures. No one who attends Brown Street is perfect, but as we learn more about the Bible and grow closer to Christ, a transformation begins to happen!

Our Worship Service includes a lively Contemporary Worship Service led by our Worship Leader & Band.  Prayer is also a vital part of our worship.  Followed by Bible Based Preaching that you will be able to immediately apply to your life.

Are you ready for some positive changes in your life? How about the lives of your children? Check it out for yourself and experience how GOD works to improve your life when you follow him!
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Where to Go

1701 East Brown Street Springfield, Illinois 62703

What to Wear

Most people who attend Brown Street COGIC
dress casual to business casual. Feel free to w
ear anything from dress pants/dresses to jeans. Whatever you are comfortable in, you will fit
right in.

When You Arrive

We try our best to make you feel welcome and comfortable at Brown Street COGIC. Our Welcome Team will gladly greet you at the door and help you find Sunday School Classroom for you and your children.  Or if you arrive at Worship Time we will be happy to direct you to a comfortable seat.  As well as direct you to any restroom facilities. Welcome Hosts who will show you around, and answer any questions you may have, and provide you with a free gift.

What About My Children

We have children’s classes available for each grade level (Pre-K- 5th grade). Our Welcome Team  volunteers can direct and assist you while checking in your children. Children will enjoy Bible-based teachings through songs, storytelling, fun games, and crafts that are good reminders of what they learned. 
Sunday:    9am Opening Prayer
                  9:30  Sunday School
                  11:00 am Worship Service

Tuesday:  Noon Prayer
                  6:30 pm Prayer & Bible Study

Thursday: 6:30 pm   Bi-Weekly
                  Systematic Bible Study
       (Studying 1 John thru 3rd John & Jude)

1st Friday of Each Month: 9am to 9pm 
                 12 Hour Consecrated Prayer                       Service & Fasting
  (Members asked to fast 9am to 3pm)
1701 E. Brown Street, Springfield, Illinois 62703 
(217) 753-2030